How to Filter Your Issue Tree In Agile Docs

Agile Docs lets you use your saved filters to filter the issues at the top level of your tree. To create a filter and make it available in Agile Docs:


  1. Go to Filters and View All Filters.

View all filters

2. Select Create Filter.

Create Filter

3. Enter a JQL query which brings up the issues you want to view in Agile Docs.

You can use Jira’s built-in JQL queries to bring up the issues you need.

Basic Filter

If these built-in queries don’t have what you need and you’re adept at using JQL, you can select Switch to JQL and write your own query.

JQL Editor

4. Click Save as and give your filter a name

Click Save As

5. Give your filter a name and click Save

My Filtered Epics

6. Select Apps and Agile Docs from the menu bar.

Open Agile Docs

7. Click Select Project or Filter and scroll down to Saved Filters and select your filter.

Access Saved Filter


8. Agile Docs will now display the issues in your filter.

Agile Docs displays issues in your filter