How to Create a Custom Issue Hierarchy

In Agile Docs, you can create a parent-child relationship between any issues. This means you can create higher level issues above Epics, make Tasks children of Stories and much more.

To create a custom issue hierarchy with Agile Docs:

1) Go to “Settings” and “Issues”:

2) Select “Issue linking”

3) Scroll down to “Add New Link Type” and create a new link type with the name “Agile Docs Parent”, Outward Link Description “parent of” and Inward Link Description “child of”

Note: The Outward Link Description must be “parent of” and Inward Link Description must be “child of”. If “parent of” is the Inward Link and/or “child of” is the Outward Link, the hierarchy will not be picked up.

4) Open an issue you want to make a parent or child of another issue, select “Link Issue” and add the “parent of” link if you want to make it the parent of another issue or “child of” link if you want to make it the child of another issue


5) Open Agile Docs to view your new issue hierarchy